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Chess2Children was founded in 2007.  With three young children in public schools, the founder was always involved in the school system and the community as a coach.  Looking at growing the enrichment programs, he helped start the first ever chess club at Nickajack Elementary in Smyrna.  They taught over 65 students that year, and the enthusiasm for chess grown ever since!

As children play chess, they begin to see the importance of thinking ahead, trying to figure out what their opponent might do next and what their alternatives are too. This ability to anticipate outcomes can transfer to their reading comprehension. Students can predict outcomes, and realize that characters in their stories are interconnected, just as just as they and their opponent, and the pieces on the chessboard are.

Our Mission

Chess2Children has a simple mission - Filling the World with Knowledge, One Child at a Time. We plan on doing this with experienced teachers, safe environments, and a passion for creating a fun atmosphere.  Our vision to make this a reality is the following:

  • Anticipate and respond to children preferences for content, while always keeping the focus of life's principles at the forefront 
  • Attract, excite and retain the right mix of teachers 
  • Create and maintain successful partnerships with local schools
  • Deliver high quality customer service

Chess2Children service offering will include: 

  • Teaching based upon the level of the respective student. There will be various levels / knowledge of children, and Chess2Children will make sure they are teaching children at the right level to help them succeed.  
  • Group classes will be conducted once per week. Individual sessions will also be available on an as needed basis.
  • Chess2Children will utilize industry partners to provide chess equipment to the children.
  • Chess2Children will coordinate and steer children towards local tournaments to continue to help them build their games.
  • Camps will be offered during holiday and summer breaks.
  • As Chess2Children grows into new markets, we are also looking at the possibility of franchising; however, the selection criteria will be very strict for potential Chess2Children franchisees.
  • Chess2Children will differentiate by focusing on smaller to mid-size school systems. 
  • Chess2Children will offer competitive fees, to allow every child the opportunity to play chess.