Chess2Children is a firm believer that playing and learning chess is correlated to many of life's core principles. Even though we teach to different levels of players (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and to varying age groups, our class taught principles are similar. There is no doubt we will teach your children how to become good chess players, but we will also stress the importance of good sportsmanship, effort, hard work, and tenacity. Here is a snapshot of weekly lessons (typical of our beginners and early intermediate) and the corresponding principles.

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Chess Piece Names and Movements

Check, Check Mate, King

Castling, Pawn Promotion

Basic Opening

Mid-Game Ideas and Tactics

Mid-Game Continued

End Game Ideas and Strategies

Checkmating Themes


Fitting It All Together

Playing The Game


Pay Attention

Give Your Best Effort

Have A Plan

Think Ahead

Think Critically

Never Give Up

Hard Work Pays Off

Have A Positive Attitude

Adjust To Change